Wet Plant Manager

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San Antonio, TX

Job status
Full time
Job description
Job Summary:

The Wet Plant Manager reports directly to the Plant Manager and is responsible for the overall wet plant production and directly supervising the operations and maintenance team members.

Essential Responsibilities and Duties:

• Works closely with the Operations and Maintenance teams to maximize operation efficiency.
• Accountable for all wet plant operations and production goals.
• Troubleshoots and identifies process needs to maintain production levels.
• Oversees the wet plant’s compliance with all Federal and State regulations, operating permits, and company policies and procedures.
• Ensures mined product meets all processing requirements including product quality parameters and freedom from contamination.
• Must comply with MSHA safety regulations.
• Involves operator and maintenance personnel in the production planning process.
• Other duties assigned as needed.

Education and Experience:

• 5+ years of experience in plant operations.
• Experience in managing a team of 10 or more employees.
• Bachelor’s Degree in related field, preferred.
• Strong field and analytical skills.
• Familiar with API testing standards and procedures for sand.
• Required computer skills include Microsoft office suite (Excel, Word, and Outlook).
• Good planning and organizational skills, ability to multi-task and track multiple projects at a time.
• Occasionally work at heights greater than 3 feet.